What is photoluminescence (sometimes referred to as PLM - photoluminescent materials)? Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products are made up of specially manufactured material (Strontium Aluminate Oxide) that absorbs light, stores it as energy, and releases this energy as light in darkness. This material is continually charging in the presence of light. In the absence of light our photoluminescent materials will glow for many hours which will allow for safer exit from, and reentry of emergency personnel to your buildings. How do Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products work without using electricity? Evergreen Graphics products use a new-generation technology to absorb and store energy from normal ambient light. In the event of a blackout or smoky conditions, our products release this stored energy in the form of light. How reliable are Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products? While reliability has been an inherent problem with conventional emergency pathway lighting due to maintenance issues and bulb failure, the enormous advantage of Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent signage and pathway marking is that there are no bulbs to burn out, making it 100% reliable and virtually maintenance free. How long will your products last? Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products are constantly recharging in the presence of light. In the absence of light, they emit a glow. Independent laboratory tests have shown our products to continue this cycle for 25 years. When recharged, how long will Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products glow? When recharged in good light for 15-30 minutes, our product will emit a discernable amount of light for 24+ hours. Testing shows our products greatly exceed ASTM standards. ASTM Standard Evergreen Graphics Product Code 1 10 min. 20.0 mcd/m2 146.0 mcd/m2 60 min. 2.8 mcd/m2 22.7 mcd/m2 Will Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products work outdoors? Our product has been used successfully on external surfaces of commercial ships, cruise ships, and exterior pathways (under specific conditions). How do I maintain Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products? Markings should occasionally be wiped off with a damp cloth and any cleaning product. Are photoluminescent materials radioactive? Evergreen Graphics’ photoluminescent products are 100% safe in all environments. They are non-radioactive and non-toxic and comply with ASTM 648 and ASTM 662 Standards. Do Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products require special disposal? No. Tests have confirmed that our photoluminescent products may be safely disposed of in a normal landfill disposal process. Does Evergreen Graphics use photoluminescent paint? Evergreen Graphics' Research into the use of sodium aluminate oxide (the mineral that glows in the dark) in wayfinding marking and signage found painting and silk screening applications problematic. Some of the difficulties were: consistency in application (luminescence cannot be guaranteed); surfaces differ; and paint may be difficult to clean. Evergreen Graphics products are made by a process that cures the strontium aluminate oxide onto a foil substrate. As a result, our products are more durable, have a consistency not possible with paint or silkscreen application methods, and can be tested for luminescence more reliably. What is a site survey and do I need one? An Evergreen Graphics site survey is unique to your building. We review your emergency exit plan to determine the pathway markings best suited to safe evacuation. We collaborate with your life safety coordinator and work with your emergency evacuation plan, to recommend appropriate products and custom signage. Who will install Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent products? Our own crews install Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent materials allowing a consistent level of professionalism and care. All installations are consistent with local code requirements. Does Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent material and installation meet IBC/IFC requirements? Yes. Although codes continually change, Evergreen Graphics keeps up to date with all national and local materials and installation code requirements. Evergreen Graphics uses approved materials and our own trained installation staff . What codes and standards do Evergreen Graphics products meet or exceed? The chart below gives examples of specifications our products comply with. For a more complete list, contact us. ASTM E 2072-04 Std. specification for photoluminescent safety markings ASTM E 2073-04 Std. test method for photopic luminance of photoluminescent markings ASTM E 2030-04 Guide for recommended uses of of photoluminescent safety markings APTA SS-PS-004-99 – Rev.1 Standard for low location exit path markings Do Evergreen Graphics photoluminescent materials meet California code requirements? Yes. Contact Evergreen Graphics for more specific details. Where are photoluminescent products found? For over 25 years, photoluminescent products have been used on commercial ships, cruise ships, and airplanes. Look for small exit signs, aisle markings, and partition markings. What is the cost? For an accurate estimate, contact Evergreen Graphics to arrange a site survey . For further details, or to arrange financing, please contact us.